Seven Tips For Making the Switch to Commercial Green Cleaning Products

Commercial green cleaning is becoming a popular trend in the commercial cleaning world. Using environmentally safe products is not only better for employees, but it is also good business. Green cleaning products are also known to lead to fewer employee sick days, fewer workplace accidents, and less toxic cleaning methods, all of which are beneficial to your company, your customers, and the natural environment. Here are eight tips to save money on commercial green cleaning products:

Tip One: Pick an eco-friendly janitorial service. There are several now that have made purchasing commercial green cleaning products easier by delivering convenient shopping and delivery services. This is especially helpful if you work in an area where there is a requirement for trash disposal.

Tip Two: Look for pre-compost containers. You can get bulk soil free of harmful chemicals in these containers that are designed for green products. Look for large parking lots or outside clinics that offer these services. If you do not want to buy pre-compost containers, look for non-woven, biodegradable shopping bags. These are just as convenient, yet just as effective.

Tip Three: Choose Seventh Generation Products. There is several Seventh Generation Products available including Carpet Scrubbers, Liquid Soap, Degreasers, Heavy Brush Poppers, Liquid Detergents, Heavy Brush Mops, Shampooizers, Vinegar Washes, Heavy Brush Shampoo, Heavy Brush Soap, Heavy Brush Foam, Heavy Shampoo Soap, and Degreasers. All of these Seventh Generation Cleaning Products are certified to be safe for people to use in restrooms, food handling areas, or any setting where there is potential for contact with hazardous chemicals. They are all considered “high quality commercial green cleaning products”.

Tip Four: Green janitorial services. There are several companies that specialize in offering eco-friendly products for commercial janitorial services. Check out their websites for more information about their services, as well as tips on how they provide green cleaning products. Many janitorial services have their own trucks equipped with eco-friendly cleaners. If a company does not offer this option, they should be able to at least refer you to someone who does.

Tip Five: Go “green” at home! Even if your home has a conventional cleaning solution, it is still important to go “green” at home. A large number of people do not realize the harmful effects that they have on the environment when they use traditional cleaning products that are filled with harsh chemicals. The chemicals in traditional cleaning solutions are carcinogenic, and they can also cause serious, negative health consequences. An increasing number of people are realizing this and are making the switch to commercial, green cleaning products, which are much safer for the environment, the air, and your family.

Tip Six: Go organic. One thing that many commercial green cleaning products are lacking is organics, which play an essential role in keeping our environment healthy. Organic cleaning products are becoming more popular, and many companies are offering them as part of their cleaning supplies. If your janitorial service does not offer organics, you may want to try a natural cleaning product such as Burt’s Bees organic products, which are completely natural and chemical free, as well as biodegradable.

Tip Seven: Find natural green cleaners. There are many organic and non-organic cleaners that you can purchase for cleaning your windows, flooring, upholstery, and appliances. You can even buy some green cleaning products that are made with all-natural ingredients. These types of green cleaners often come in spray cans, and some are intended for use on just one item at a time. This means that if you have several items that need cleaning, you can put all of them together and apply the solution, which will clean them all.