Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies – A Better Alternative Than Paper Towels and Bathroom Paper Towels

Create a healthier house with these natural, non-toxic, non-saltful cleaning supplies. With just some common ingredients, you could replace your chemical-based cleaning agents with these healthy, all natural cleaning wipes. Just think about it – a less expensive, no-salt, non-chemical way of cleaning your home, and that goes for your clothes, too! If you’re anything like me, then you also love a toxic-free house.

My family and I have allergies, mostly caused by chemicals found in the cleaning supplies that we use. So, whenever my son or daughter sniffles or sneezes, I know exactly what to do without thinking about it: bring out those all-natural, toxin-free paper towels. But, since most all-natural cleaning products are salt-based, this isn’t always an option. I’ve come up with a couple of ways to keep myself and my kids from inhaling those chemicals.

First, I always bring along a mason jar, or two, whenever I need a paper towel. We never go shopping without one. That way, I can change out the ingredients within the jar, saving me some cash in the process. Also, the mason jars allow me to use more paper towel than if I only kept one in the cupboard. This will save me money too!

Another way I save money is with my homemade organic baking soda. I actually own several packets of this, which I buy from a health food store. I use it in everything from my kitchen countertop to the bottom of my tub to my car’s seat. I use the baking soda in my natural cleaning supplies just as much as I use regular soap or shampoo, but I do have one secret stash of diy natural reusable cleaning towels at home that I don’t share with anyone else. This is because they’re good for my skin!

When I want to really reduce the amount of chemicals I use in my house, I use these two natural cleaning products. I mix the vinegar and water together and use it as a cleaner. I put this on everything from my countertop to my car seat to my bathroom door. The result: no more harsh chemicals in my house! And no more smelly, gross-smelling cleaners either!

Finally, I like to save money by using my homemade cleaning wipes in a container. I have a small container of these in my bathroom so that I can use a new roll each time I wash my hands. This way, I always have a fresh roll in my cabinet. I also save money by buying essential oils jar lids so that I can re-use the expired ones.

If you want to cut down the amount of cleaning chemicals you use in your life, start making your own natural essential oils and organic body wash at home. You’ll find that when you make your own body wash, it’s easier to make a big batch, rather than just a couple of bottles. This way, your family and friends will always know that you’re making your own natural body care at home and you won’t have to worry about letting everyone know.

I hope that you’ll try to make your own essential oils and organic body washes. They are surprisingly easy to make, and you’ll find that using them will cut down on the amount of cleaning chemicals you use at home as well as the number of cases of smelly, gross-smelling hand and bathroom paper towels that you have collected. Not only will you have less cleaning product build up, but you’ll also save money on paper towels and other toiletry supplies. If you’re ready for a new approach to cleaning, why not try a natural cleaning option like these?