How to Start Decluttering Your Home

Are you looking for where to start decluttering? Or do you know where to start but just can’t get yourself started? I’ve found that when I am motivated to get something done, it usually gets done. I know that sounds simple, but sometimes when we are overwhelmed with clutter in our lives, it’s just easy to put it off. Read on to discover my 3 favorite tips to save money while decluttering.

Before you even start decluttering, give up the kitchen table. Get rid of the table all together. Before you know it, you will be looking for places to store things and you will be looking for more places to store things… Which is where you’re going to start finding yourself more cluttered. Have a clear designated area in your kitchen where everything should be.

Before you choose one item to start decluttering, write down how much money you have to spend on this item. Then when you are feeling overwhelmed, pick out an item and write down how much money you have to spend on it. That’s when you know how much to spend. If it’s more than you have to spend, then don’t buy it. It will only make you feel overwhelmed.

Let me share with you a little trick to save yourself time while decluttering. When you want to get rid of something in your home, take a small step back and walk through it. This way you don’t end up losing everything. Walk through it ten minutes at a time…

The next thing you want to do when you declutter is to sort the different types of clutter you have. Which category are you in? If you have paper clutter, then you should sort it out in the paper pile. If you have a lot of decorative clutter in your home, you should sort it in decorative pile. And if there is a lot of glass or plastic clutter in your house, you should throw it out. Once you have sorted out your clutter in these three areas, you will see the decluttering faster.

Let me share with you a simple tip that will help you get rid of your overwhelmed feelings when you are starting to declutter your home. One of the best ways to deal with decluttering is to focus on just one area. Focus on that one area until you feel like you have accomplished the most. Then move on to another area. Focus on one area until the next decluttering task has been accomplished.

For example, when I am doing my weekly shopping in the kitchen I ask myself: “Where do I begin to declutter my kitchen?” Once I answer this question and I sort all the things in the kitchen into their appropriate places, I move on to the next area. I finish up by moving on to my garage and asking myself: “Where do I start Decluttering my garage?” When you complete these small tasks every day, you will be amazed at how quickly you can accomplish the decluttering tasks you need to do.

So you can see that decluttering doesn’t have to be this complicated. It is a process that just needs a little bit of patience and letting go. So don’t let yourself be overwhelmed when you start your decluttering. Just stay focused on doing one task a day and your decluttering will be over in no time.

Another area where many people find their difficulties are in their bathroom. Decluttering the bathroom is another great way to declutter. You simply want to organize the different things in your bathroom. This will include putting away your cleaning supplies in containers so they are out of sight and out of your way.

You may also want to get rid of the different clutter you have in your house. Maybe there are boxes of the same brand of cookie you’ve had for years. A good idea is to create a “to do” list for your house so that when you get rid of anything that is on your “to do” list you know it is getting done. Or maybe you can categorize the items you are getting rid of so that it makes it easier to get rid of them. There are tons of different solutions for decluttering your house. It may even be helpful for you to speak with a professional if you are overwhelmed and struggling.

Hopefully these tips will help you to finally declutter and get rid of that unnecessary clutter in your life. No matter what solution you choose for decluttering your home, make sure you stay organized by keeping your “to do” lists updated, not only for yourself but also for future reference. When you finally achieve your goal of having a clean home with no more clutters, you will feel so much better. Remember, being clutter free is one of the best ways to live a better life. You deserve it.