How to Declutter Your Closet Fast & Easy?

Many people feel overwhelmed when they think about organizing their closet. However, these kinds of organizational projects are easier than you might think. Once you know how to declutter your closet, you’ll be able to clean it out and keep it looking great.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Many people struggle to declutter because they don’t set aside enough time to do the job properly. Decluttering doesn’t have to take all weekend, but it might take more than an hour to get your closet organized.

Don’t try to declutter your closet on a day when your schedule is packed. Instead, make sure you have more than enough time to finish the job. Once your closet is fully decluttered, it’ll be easier for you to keep it clutter-free in the future.

Do A Closet Clear Out

Once you’ve scheduled time for decluttering, you’ll want to do a complete closet clear out. Go through every single piece of clothing you own. If you’re holding onto pieces that you no longer wear — or clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore — these pieces should be donated or sold. Don’t be afraid to try on clothing to see if it’s something you want to keep.

You’ll want to go through other items that are being stored in your closet as well. Is your closet being used to store old Christmas decorations you’ve forgotten about? Is there a stack of board games there that’s taking up space? If you look more closely at what’s in your closet, you may find you’re holding on to things you don’t want or need.

Organize Clothes By Seasons

Once you’ve chosen the clothing that you do want to keep, you’ll want to organize those clothes by seasons. Make a pile of spring and summer clothing and a pile of fall and winter clothing.

If you have limited closet space, you may want to put off-season clothing into storage. When the seasons start to change, you can rotate what’s in your closet. This can also be an excellent opportunity for a small-scale closet clear out.

Add More Storage Space

It’s much easier to stay organized when you have space for everything in your closet. If your closet is lacking in storage, find ways you can make better use of the space you have. Invest in a closet organizer. Consider adding new shelves! Start using clear storage containers.

Not everyone has a spacious walk-in closet. Thankfully, you can store a lot of things in a small space. With the right supplies, you can maximize your closet space and keep your closet neat and organized. With fewer items and more storage, your closet will feel larger than ever!

How to Declutter Your Closet Fast & Easy?

Your closet may be a mess right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it organized! If you follow this guide on how to declutter your closet, you’ll be able to get your closet clean and keep it that way. With an organized closet, you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

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