Bathroom Floor Tile Hacks – Your Ultimate Guide

Bathroom floor tiles are an essential part of every bathroom. If your bathroom has tiles, you would have heard about the different ways to clean them. The best part is that there are many ways to save money on household expenses and still enjoy a fresh and sparkling bathroom floor every time. The following tips to save money on house cleaning are useful for homeowners who want to maximize their cleaning budget.

When looking for tips to save money on house cleaning, homeowners must first know what type of tiles they have in their bathrooms. This means knowing the materials used. Some types of flooring require different cleaning materials. Here are some tips to save money on bathroom floor tile cleaning:

Glass Tiles: These types of tiles are easy to clean. They are resistant to scratches and most glass-based products do not damage them. You can easily find glass tiles on stores, hardware stores, and online home improvement portals. As much as possible, avoid buying artificial glass-based products since they can scratch easily.

Cork Floor Tiles: These floor tiles are relatively cheaper compared to other types of tiles. Cork tiles are also durable and can withstand scratching. However, they are susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacteria. To save more money, you can replace cork tiles regularly.

Corked Flooring: The floors in your bathroom must be protected from moisture, dust, and stains. By installing cork floors on your bathroom walls and shower areas, you can keep the surfaces safe from water, moisture, and stains. Not only are these surfaces safe, they are also easier to maintain due to their soft and non-abrasive surface. Cork floors are available in various colors, styles, and designs that can add style to your bathroom.

Ceramic Floor Tiles: Ceramic floor tiles are resilient and ideal for small spaces. These tiles can withstand hot and cold temperature and won’t feel too hot or cold when you walk on them. Aside from its easy cleaning and resistance, ceramic tiles are also affordable.

Glass Bathroom Floor Tiles: These tiles are suitable for larger areas. Since glass tiles have different thicknesses, you can choose which one you prefer depending on the space available on your floor. Glass floor tiles are easy to clean and sanitize. However, you need to take extra care of these floors because these tiles are prone to scratches, spills, and fingerprints. If you have kids around the house, there is a chance that your glass floor will be scratched. To protect your floor, regularly vacuum and wipe your floor.

Most people are choosing hardwood floor tiles because these floorings last longer and they are stylish. Wood floorings are also easy to maintain. You won’t have a hard time looking for tips and techniques when cleaning wood floor tiles. Plus, you can find a variety of wood finishes to complement the design of your bathroom. With hardwood flooring, your home improvement budget is definitely not a waste.

Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles: You might be thinking that marble is expensive. This is not always the case. In fact, marble is relatively cheap. You will never go wrong choosing marble bathroom floor tiles. Aside from being beautiful, marble is quite hard-wearing and easy to clean. If you wish to make your bathroom elegant, this would be the perfect choice.

Granite Bathroom Floor Tiles: Unlike marble, granite is considerably more expensive. But, if you want an elegant floor, this would be the right choice. Granite bathroom floor tiles are also quite resilient. You won’t have a hard time maintaining them and if something spills on your floor, all you have to do is wipe it off immediately.

Wood Flooring: Wood flooring is ideal for smaller spaces. If you want a traditional feel in your bathroom, you can opt for wood floor tiles. It adds a touch of elegance to your room. However, wood floor tiles are more expensive than other flooring types.

Linoleum Floor Tiles: If you want something that resembles natural hardwood floor tiles, linoleum floor tiles are perfect for you. These floorings are actually made of linseed oil. Other flooring materials such as wood can have an adverse effect on your health because of the dust, dirt, mold and bacteria it carries. Linoleum floor tiles are easy to maintain and clean. Most manufacturers recommend sweeping the area on a regular basis so there will be no dust or dirt accumulating.