What is the Fastest Way to Clean a House?

The first thing that I would suggest for any newbie housekeeper (to make a housekeeper’s life easier) is to follow these simple tips to save money and find the quickest ways to clean your home. There are many ways to clean your house but with a little bit of planning you can save time and effort. Here are some tips to save money and find the best ways to clean your house:

Get the Right Cleaning Tools: The first thing you need to do is to get the right tools for cleaning your house. A vacuum cleaner and a cleaner that is right for your type of flooring will be needed. If your floors are marble, ceramic or wood then it would be advisable to get a vacuum cleaner that has attachments like a brush and dust pan. For rugs, you can use a carpet sweeper or an upholstery brush. Some cleaners come with additional attachments like a broom and a tumbler.

Pick a Cleaning Method: Cleaning your house in a particular order is important. If you have the cleaner attached to the sweeper then you should begin with the highest floor. Then move to the next highest floor and so on. You should ensure that the last step is taken by putting the cleaning product on the floor. The sweeper attachment is available on most modern home-cleaning machines.

Clear the Bedrooms: If your family consists of young children then it is advisable to clean the bedrooms before going for the living area. Most people complain that they end up vacuuming more when they go out of the house for work than what they did before they came in. This is because children and pets get into bed with them. Also, it helps you clean the floors better. Once you have finished vacuuming the rooms, move on to the living area.

Vacuum the Floors: Most people who ask, “What is the fastest way to clean a house?” will do just that: sweep. There are different types of sweepers and the most commonly used today are the roller and the stick sweepers. The stick sweeper is best suited for hard to reach places like below furniture and so on.

Use the sweeper to sweep the floors: this is one of the simplest techniques to use. It also ensures that your flooring gets good sweeping. It is good for all kinds of surfaces such as hard wood, tiles and so on. However, the floor Sweepers are not very effective for hard to reach areas like under furniture. You can also opt for a broom.

Choose a Dust and Dirt Remover: If you are planning to clear your carpets and rugs, there is no better option than the sweeper and the cleaner. These are capable of suctioning down the dust and dirt easily. You can also use the vacuum cleaner when you are doing the cleaning of the walls and other parts of the house that are hard to reach. The dust and dirt removal techniques are quite simple: brush the wall and the drapes or simply use the sweeper.

Buy a Sweeper: For efficient carpet cleaning you need to invest in a high quality sweeper. A quality sweeper will save you the trouble of searching for the different types of sweepers. Moreover, it is important to choose a good sweeper for the best results. There are many types of sweepers available in the market today, so the market will be flooded with different options: choose the best one for the best result.