Top Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Genius bathroom cleaning hacks will allow you to get rid of stains in a snap. Many people spend an entire afternoon scrubbing the bathtub and then finish with a trip outside in order to air out the car. However, if you follow these tips to the letter, you can eliminate a significant portion of your cleaning budget. The major problem with most bathrooms is that they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, there is more chance for staining.

For example, you can purchase a cheap vinyl plastic bathroom fan to keep it from getting too hot. Baking soda will absorb a great deal of stains. You can also make a paste out of baking soda and water by simply adding one tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of warm water. This is a great way to not only freshen up your bathroom, but to also remove nasty stains.

Other house cleaning hacks include using white vinegar to clean. You can simply add about a cup to a bucket of water and spray down all of the fixtures in the bathroom. This can be done every week or so. By doing this, you will remove lots of germs and bacteria that collect in the shower over time.

Most people do not have access to a vacuum cleaner. However, you can buy a hand-held unit and learn how to vacuum properly. There are many cleaning tips out there that will help you save money. For example, instead of buying expensive cleaners you could use baking soda. It is inexpensive and effective. It could use in combination with other ingredients to clean just about any surface.

One of the most expensive bathroom fixtures in the home is the toilet brush. If you take the time to clean it on a regular basis, you can greatly reduce the chance of germs building up around the toilet and under the rim of the bowl. If you already have a bad odor in the bathroom due to the toilet and counter tops being clogged, you should consider adding a few drops of bleach to the solution. By doing this, you can quickly kill any bacteria and keep your bathroom odor to a minimum. Instead of spending money on commercial products to clean your bathroom, you can simply make the bleach solution at home and use it to clean everything.

You should always be aware of where your dirty towels and glasses are. By taking a moment to remove them from the sink, you will eliminate a lot of germs from building up. Glass and towels are easily washed and dried. However, you could use a toothbrush or wash cloth to remove any residue from the toilet brush. This will save you money as well as a lot of time.

You do not necessarily need to replace all of your bathroom accessories just to clean them. You can simply buy a simple bottle of bleach and a sponge and scrub away. The bleach will sanitize anything that may have been left behind from using toilet paper or rinsing with soap. You can also use the bleach to clean the tiles and floor grout in your bathroom. As you can see, the 40 genius bathroom cleaning hacks are very easy and cheap to implement.

Just because you have never cleaned your toilet tank before does not mean that it has to be a difficult job. There are many different tricks and tips for successfully cleaning your toilet tank stains. These tips will help you avoid costly repairs and unnecessary stains in the future. If you would like to avoid all these things and save yourself some money and time, make sure that you follow the tips provided by this article.