Some Great Decluttering Ideas For Your Bedroom

It is amazing how quickly our modern lives can cause detritus to build up in our bedrooms. Before you know it there’s a treadmill that hasn’t been used in months, a pile of magazines from an expired subscription and a pile of single socks taking up floor and shelving space. The challenge is how to declutter your bedroom quickly and efficiently. Here are some great decluttering ideas that will not use up more of your valuable time than is absolutely necessary.

The first place to start is your bed – not because the process is going to exhaust you and you may require a lie-down – but because your bed can be a useful space to organize and sort all those items that are contributing to the clutter. Once you start that process the entire exercise becomes that much easier.

Once you’ve organized your possessions then it’s time to make some tough decisions – what to keep and what to get rid of or relocate to a suitable storage area. The key to an uncluttered bedroom is to keep things as minimalist as possible, only keep what you really need close at hand. Make sure that you deal with duplicates first – do you really need two mobile phone chargers (one of which probably doesn’t work anyway)? Sorting into a ‘keep, ‘sell’, ‘donate’ or ‘bin’ pile can help order your mind and get rid of unwanted items.

Another great approach is to eat the elephant in small bites as they say. Taking on the entire bedroom quickly becomes daunting and it’s easy to lose focus and become disenchanted with the whole exercise. Then it’s only a single small step away from giving up entirely.

The best decluttering ideas rely on simplicity for their effectiveness. Don’t overcomplicate matters and keep focused. Before you know it your bedroom will be warm, welcoming and a space where you can find inner peace.

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