Modern Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A modern minimalist can more simply be defined as someone who prefers to live in a space that has as few material possessions as possible. If you’re this kind of person, and are searching for a simple way to redecorate or reorganize your bedroom, then these modern minimalist bedroom ideas should be right up your alley. These tips are all around the power to live frugally with only a few basic necessities. Once you implement these tips to your bedroom design, you’ll quickly find that you will have quite a bit more disposable income than ever before.

The first step to redesigning your minimalist wardrobe and room is to choose a headboard and footboard that coordinate with your neutral colors throughout the room. If your walls are painted a neutral color such as cream or white, choose a simple paint color such as gray or brown for your headboard. If your walls are painted a bold color such as red or black, then choose a contrasting color such as green or blue for your footboard. These simple steps will instantly update your bedroom and make it much less cluttered.

After you’ve chosen a great headboard or footboard, you need to think about what you need in terms of furnishing and other accessories. A minimalist loves clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Therefore, when choosing a bed, try to stick to a simple frame made of wood or some other simple material and avoid going with huge, ornate beds that take up a lot of space. Keep in mind that a modern minimalist likes to minimize space, so when choosing furniture always think of how much space you will need for dressing. Try to stick to minimal furniture pieces such as armoires and dressers.

You can find everything you need for a frugal but minimalist style at a local store or online. The key is to be creative but not wasteful. For example, instead of buying several different decorative throw pillows to line your bed, why not just purchase one or two attractive ones? Instead of having a dresser with multiple drawers, why not opt for a simple, minimalist platform bed?

One way to incorporate frugality into your bedroom ideas is to save on personal items and only bring out those items you really need. If you want to bring home an expensive piece of furniture like a dining table, try to match it with a simple neutral floor space like a linen closet. Keep in mind that whatever you put inside your closet will reflect on your personality and therefore you should choose your personal items with care. In other words, you should keep your items as minimal as possible to enhance your creativity.

To make your minimalist room look even better than it already does, the last thing you should do is to cover your walls with expensive artwork. Yes, there might be an art collector in your house but there are better ways to decorate a wall. You can use a rug as the center piece in your room instead of putting paintings all over the wall. A rug can make any blank wall sparkle and this will also add more appeal to your room.

Aside from using a rug, you can also save money by choosing simple, plain yet interesting-looking artwork. As much as possible, stay away from bold and bright colors because these colors tend to absorb all the light in the whole room and make it look smaller. If you really want to save money, then you can save up on wall decorations by painting these walls in plain, white tones or in pastel colors. Just ensure that your artwork and accessories also go well with your walls.

If you want to add a touch of color to your walls, then you should use a color wheel so that you would be able to match colors with your wall and area rug. If your room contains some wooden furniture or some plants that are in green, then you can match the color of your wall with those of your furniture and plants. This is because green symbolizes health and wellness while red denotes passion, zest, and happiness. It is important for your wall to have a warm color so that it can create a good mood in your room.