Minimalist Loft Apartment Building Design Tips

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next home construction project, consider building a minimalist loft apartment instead of a traditional studio apartment. The cost of a minimalist loft apartment is dramatically less than that of a studio apartment. This kind of apartment has all the features of a traditional apartment, yet is built in a small, highly efficient manner. You may think you don’t need to spend money on an apartment if you can build one yourself… wrong. There are tips to save money on your next home construction project, regardless of how large or small it may be.

Minimalist Loft Apartment Wall Finishing. Minimalist lofts are often defined by bold solid paint colors, strong structural lines, open floor plans, extensive furniture, and exposed brick. These elements give the impression of wide open spaces, even though the interior is very compact. To complete the look of a minimalist loft, consider applying wall finishes that mirror the color of the walls so the space feels more like a large room rather than an apartment.

Budget First! Do your budget first before starting the construction process. The more money you plan to spend, the less features you can include in your renovation. Here are a few simple ways to stretch your budget while staying within your luxury expectations.

Living Within A Budget. Don’t let the idea of being “cheap” keep you from building the home of your dreams. Instead, be smart about your expectations and work within the amount of money you have. For example, if you can’t afford an expensive marble countertop, then plan to make do with a less expensive wood surface. In other words, make compromises and do the best you can. When renovations cost less than anticipated, it’s money well spent.

Flexibility. A minimalist living space has no need for bells and whistles. Simple, basic design components will do fine, and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your new loft anytime you want.

Utilize Storage Space. If your apartment is too small for ample storage, consider investing in an extra loft. Even if you’re only going to be using the closet space for a desk or a shoe rack, investing in a closet will make the apartment so much more valuable. You don’t have to be a pro at DIY to put together a great storage space. Just remember to think storage, not clutter. Remember to keep the clutter out of the way of the important things in your home, and the rest will fall into place.

Choose Function Over Style. The aesthetic value of a design does not have to match its functionality. A dull, grey metal desk might look fine as a piece of furniture when placed beside the bed, but when you need to find something there in a hurry it becomes frustrating. Similarly, choosing a floor that’s not level will frustrate guests who try to climb up the stairs. Make sure the space in your room is not cluttered, because it will make the furniture and other elements feel less functional and more uninviting.

Go With Neutral Colors. You can create a minimalist loft apartment with nearly any color, although black and white are perhaps the most popular. Keep in mind that the color black is associated with death, so it may not be the best choice for your first apartment. On the other hand, neutral colors like brown, yellow, and off-white are very soothing.

Minimalist Designs Inspire Creativity. A minimalist loft apartment allows you to think outside the box. For instance, by keeping the walls all one colour, you’re encouraging open communication between the members of the building. This means that small talk, which often takes place between roommates, won’t turn into an argument about what to do on a certain day.

Avoid The Multi-Stories. No matter how cleverly decorated your apartment may be, you’re still living in it. Therefore, it only makes sense to limit the number of stories in your apartment to two or three. This way, you’re ensuring that you’re not living in a “high-rise”. On the other hand, if you have a multi-story apartment, you risk creating the illusion of a higher elevation if the windows are too high.

Design The Area Fittingly. As simple as it may sound, this is one of the biggest challenges that is faced by many when they set up their own minimalist space. It’s because the area around the loft apartment is supposed to be used for relaxing with friends and family. However, the presence of stairs, hallways and elevators often causes these places to be overlooked. To combat this, set up the area to make it easy for everyone to get in and out as well as convenient for guests.