Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Decor – Using White Color Scheme For Your Bedroom Design

When it comes to Japanese minimalism, it has become a popular form of design in the west. Minimalists favor a very clean look with very little clutter. The reason why more people opt to decorate their homes like this is because it allows them to maximize space without having to sacrifice anything in order to achieve this minimalist look. These homes often come without any furnishings, but everything is very organized. This gives a Zen feeling to the home. You will feel that you are away from the world and you haven’t compromised anything in order to live in such a calm environment.

Minimalists prefer a very quiet and laid back atmosphere. To achieve a minimalistic design, try to think of very simple furnishing that doesn’t accumulate dust easily. Also, keep in mind that, important points to keep in mind would be that there should be absolutely no small ornaments or decorations on your bed, dresser, or sitting room furniture. All these embellishments only add clutter which distracts people from the peaceful and relaxing bedroom.

One of the most important Japanese minimal bedroom decor items is the bed. There are two things that you can do to make your bed more inviting than ordinary: customize it by adding up the right colors and patterns or purchase a plush pillow instead. Soft and warm colors like white, pink, orange and red are good choices to start.

Japanese people like clean lines, because it creates a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to achieve a similar effect in your bedroom, then you need to minimize clutter and utilize color to make the room brighter and airy. One of the recommended colors for minimal bedroom decorating is white, because it creates a welcoming environment and is very relaxing.

You can also add up a Japanese motif on your bedding. There are many designs available, so you have plenty of options to choose. For instance, you can opt for a tsukiya (traditional round Japanese style table), matsumoto (pillow covers) and hibiscus flowers to decorate your room. The hibiscus flowers are ideal if you don’t want the color scheme to go too bold. The matsumoto are traditional Japanese floor pillows, which are very useful as bedding sets.

Other interesting Japanese bedding items include kimono blankets and other traditional Japanese bedding. Again, keep in mind that they are meant to be used as decor items only. The colors are vibrant and you can mix and match them with different accessories. Some examples of interesting combinations include mochi (dried mushrooms) and hibiscus flowers. If you are looking for more subtle and calming colors for your Japanese inspired bedroom, consider using pale green or mocha colors.

Another thing that is great as bedroom ideas for Japanese decor is to use pure white bedding. Because this color has a calming effect, it is perfect for a Japanese inspired theme. If the white bedding is in shades of gray or black, then this is perfect as well. You can also get accent pillows in these same colors or in light browns. These will not clash with the kimono blankets, but they will complement the overall look and feel of the bedroom.

To save money and create a minimal look bedroom, you can incorporate some inexpensive but meaningful Japanese inspired items as decor items. Since these items cost a fraction of the price of their counterparts in Western countries, they will definitely add a touch of class to your home. Consider using an age-old tradition like needlepoint blankets. You can even make one yourself to save even more money. These blankets will be very comfortable to curl up with on a cold winter’s night, and if you add your own pillow and sheets, you will be able to create the ultimate Japanese inspired bedroom decor set that will be a focal point of your home for years to come.