IKEA Minimalist Bedroom Designs

IKEA has a great many themes to select from. For those on a tight budget, they have inexpensive themes for those of you on a tight budget. IKEA has also been known to provide inexpensive yet attractive bedroom sets. They are well liked. I recommend the Mira cube shelving collection by IKEA, which is extremely colorful and stylish and is available in nine different pieces, featuring brown, black and red cubes.

Frugality has become increasingly important to me over the years. When I first started my minimalist bedroom makeover I tried to use the same items everywhere, thinking I could save money. This was not only wrong, it also made the room feel claustrophobic because everything had to be stored so close together. I decided to remove all my decorative accessories and personal effects to reduce the clutter in the room. This gave the room a more spacious feeling. Now instead of a bed, there are bed pillows, a canopy and accent pillows for the accent pillows to match the colors of the bed sheets.

Helensburg, SC based interior designer, Claire Wellman offers beautiful bedroom ideas that are cost effective and help you create a relaxed stylish bedroom in a limited amount of space. She gives you several tips to help you create a frugal but beautiful bedroom, including a chic look for an ikea minimalist bedroom. Claire has created her own unique style that incorporates free flow movement throughout the room with a focus on light colors, wood accents, and an uncluttered, spacious feel.

The first of her fabulous ideas for an ikea minimalist bedroom is to create a calming, Zen feel with vertical stripes running throughout the bedroom in a black and white tiled floor. “The big pieces are the focus,” she says. “I leave the walls blank and painted a neutral shade of white. For the bed, I choose free-flowing sheets in a variety of fabrics and patterns that mirror my color palette. For your headboard, I like to have a free-flowing silk throw that is very textured for a modern feel with a touch of understatement.”

She also provides practical and useful tips to keep in mind before you begin your renovation. She says, “The key to designing a minimalist room is making sure you can get in, out and around easily. My advice would be to keep the bed in the corner so you have plenty of floor space to move about and get in and out of. Also, it’s best to keep lots of storage in the form of chests, and dressers as well as shelves and draws. You can even store your small appliances in these places.”

Other tips for creating your minimalist bedroom are to use eco-friendly products wherever possible and to choose simple and elegant but versatile furnishings. “I use a mosaic tile backsplash for the wall and baseboard,” she says. “I love the texture and thickness of the material. I find that when I use eco-friendly products, I can sometimes save more money at the store because the product has a lower impact on the environment. Using creative ideas and incorporating them into your home decor can be the simplest way to make big changes.”

IKEA has plenty of great kid’s bedroom furniture to help you create a functional bedroom in a child’s size. “We have cute kids’ furniture that comes in a variety of cute colors such as bright pinks, blues, oranges and greens,” says Christina Perrin, senior vice president of marketing for IKEA U.S. “Cute colors and interesting shapes can add pizzazz to a dull room. Our boys’ bedroom is particularly unique because his bunk bed has a light-up play area underneath where he can practice his art. Our girls’ bedroom has a very chic and contemporary look with two bed benches that are also LED lamps. Our newest addition, our 10-month-old twins, have a fun and funky children’s bedroom that will keep them entertained until they grow a bit older.”

In summary, if you are looking for an eco-friendly approach to your kid’s bedroom, IKEA offers a wide variety of kids bedroom designs that are environmentally-friendly. You can also incorporate a more simplistic approach to IKEA bedroom design if you don’t want to go with earth-friendly materials. Kids need space and a place to play and IKEA bedroom designs that emphasize play is perfect. You can make your child feel important and grown-up by choosing a fun and creative theme for their IKEA bedroom. With the right furnishing and accessories, your child will love their new space!