Bathroom Hacks With Vinegar – The Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks for Your Money

Many house cleaning hacks have their roots in vinegar. Vinegar has long been known as a cheap, easy way to clean all kinds of surfaces, including countertops and bathroom surfaces. If you’ve ever used a store-bought household cleaner that has vinegar in it, you know that not only does this cleaner leave a very nasty odor on your surfaces but it also leaves a very difficult residue that can only be cleaned with additional household cleaners. Other hacks to keep the cost of cleaning house down include using white vinegar for cleaning tile and grout, using baking soda to scrub stubborn stains, and using lemon juice for tough stains.

You might use one or all of these hacks, depending on the situation, but they will not get you the results that you need. One of the least expensive hacks you can try is spraying the surfaces with white distilled vinegar. This cleaning agent leaves a beautiful sheen on tile and grout. The only drawback is that lemon juice will ruin plastic or cardboard surfaces when scrubbing.

Before you begin scrubbing anything, make sure that you have all of your equipment out and in the open. Get a sponge, a toothbrush, a sponge, and a soft bristle brush. Most people use steel wool to scrub up dirt from hard floors, but if you’re on a budget you can also use hot water to soak up spills. The point is just to make sure that you have some clean tools close at hand so that you can address the dirt as soon as it happens.

To begin scrubbing, use a stiff bristled brush and scrub the area in circular motions. Use a little pressure when scrubbing, so that you don’t irritate any joint problems. After you’ve gotten most of the dirt off of the floor, make sure to rinse the floor thoroughly with warm water. You can then buff the floors with an electric polisher or a paste of baking soda and water to absorb any remaining mess.

If you find that your mop or cloth is too dirty, consider using a dish detergent instead. There are many brands available at your local department store or home supply. Simply mix in one cup of dish detergent with one gallon of water. The ingredients will break down the dirt on your surfaces and leave them cleaner than you ever thought possible.

You can also buy a paste of baking soda and vinegar in a spray bottle. Mix up a small spray bottle with half hot water and half of a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Apply the paste to your bathtub, toilet, countertops, sink, countertop grout lines, shower floor, and any other surfaces that need cleaning. For best results, let the paste sit for a few minutes before wiping it clean with a damp sponge or cloth.

You might find it helpful to wipe down your windows and mirrors before you put on your bathrobe. A simple mixture of white vinegar and water can remove grime and prevent mirrors from looking dull. Simply pour the vinegar mixture over your mirrors, wipe the cloth down, and then rinse the cloth out. To save money, you can also use white vinegar mixed with water to clean your bathroom windows. Once a week, wipe down the glass window with a damp sponge to prevent streaking.

In the bathroom, you can also make sure your sink, countertops, and countertop grout stays clean. Simply mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water to make sure the stains on your bathroom cabinets and sinks stay permanently removed. Or, for an old world charm, try making your own scrub pad with white vinegar and salt. Dissolve the salt in the vinegar solution and scrub your cabinets, countertops, and grout. After rinsing, always make sure you rinse. This bathroom cleaning hacks will save you money and time, because it keeps dirt out of your appliances.