The Best Of All Natural Cleaning Products

Making your own all natural cleaning products could save you money at the store. It’s possible that you’re thinking, “What can I do to save money at the store? The commercial cleaners are expensive!” Well, there is a way to use these products without having to spend a fortune. When you begin making your all natural cleaning products at home, not only can you avoid all those potentially dangerous chemicals (and also the scary packaging they come in) you can also be using lots of inexpensive things to clean your house.

For example, instead of purchasing the shampoo and soap that you use at the store each month, why not make your own homemade cleaner from all natural cleaning products you already have lying around the house? You’ll be amazed at how easy making your own cleaner can be. Here are a few different ways you can use the bottles you already have to make your own cleaner:

Homemade soap is the easiest way to get started. There are many ways to make soap at home, and one of the simplest is through using fragrance. Most stores sell shampoo and liquid soap, but you can also buy “scented” soap nuts which is just what it sounds like fragrance oil instead. These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your local drugstore. They will work well for both shampoo and liquid soap.

Another easy homemade cleaning product is borax and castile soap. Instead of spending the extra money on store-bought baking soda, you can use the cheap natural ingredients found in borax and castile soap to spruce up your cleansing products. Just add some to your laundry to add a little more “wow” to your clothes. Borax and castile soap also work well on glass and mirror.

Making your own all natural cleaning products is really easy with a little preparation. The easiest way to prepare the ingredients is to mix together equal parts olive oil and distilled water. Use a food grade spoon to mix the oil and water until they are thoroughly blended. This will make a lint free cloth from the mixture that you can shake well in your washing machine.

Once you have your lint free cloth, all you need to do is add the cleansing products to a spray bottle and shake well. You will want to add one ounce of each of the natural ingredients. If you have very hard water build up, you may want to add two ounces of distilled water to the mix. Any combination of ingredients will do. Now you just spray your homemade cleaner onto the glass surface of your dishwasher and it will kill any remaining germs.

As the world becomes more aware of the problems of plastic waste and the effects it has on the environment, companies are learning that using all natural cleaners is the best way to go. As more consumers demand all natural cleaners, companies are creating all natural versions of their most popular products. There are now mineral based versions of white vinegar, lemon juice, grapefruit pectin, and witch hazel that are available on grocery store shelves. Most of these companies use sustainable methods in creating these natural cleaners because they do not damage the planet.

These are some of the best ways to freshen up the inside of your home while making it friendlier to the environment. These organic cleaners are not nearly as expensive as a commercial cleaner, and they are usually found at your local grocery store. If you buy a commercial cleaner and use it sparingly, it is probably going to last for several years. However, if you choose to make your own cleaner and use it on a regular basis, it will save you a lot of money over the long run and will also help to protect the planet.