Modern Minimalist Apartment Living Ideas

My first apartment was a three bedroom, one bath “duplex”. I could not believe how cheap it was. As a college student, all the excess was obvious: expensive electronics, a stereo, carpeting, high end furniture, etc. This was when I realized I had to turn to the Internet and get serious about frugal living.

After that experience I started writing articles to help others make the transition to frugal living as well. And, boy did I ever find a bunch of information on how to live frugally! I now have my own apartment, which is a two story, single room apartment with hardwood floor and balcony. I have it furnished, but it is not the best minimalist apartment in the world (that’s a topic for another article). But, it has a great view and I am able to spend time outdoors (when the weather is nice).

I decided to do a little living decorating in the empty space to make the most of the space I had. So, I did a little painting and added a beautiful wicker baby swing to the patio. It was my first attempt at minimalist decor and I can say it turned out pretty good! I also added a faucet for the sink and a microwave and coffee maker to the dining area. I had to do a little research to find some great fun games to play while my friends and family came over.

My next project was to take my research and apply it to my living space. I watched many videos on the YouTube channel “The Little Home”, which has a lot of great videos on DIY projects. I downloaded and watched a video on my laptop, which has a very useful feature where you can watch videos on your computer screen. I got lots of inspiration from watching so many videos. In one video they showed the creation of a play area in an apartment, complete with a play room table and some bean bags.

I downloaded the free software available on the maker site and used it to create the play room table and added some beanbags to make it more comfortable. It turned out to be a really fun project. I even took one of the pieces of the cubby house that I had built earlier as my own! It turned out to be a very fun project that went really well with my minimalist apartment interior design theme.

I also created a place to play while my friends and family came over. This was not part of my original minimalist apartment design plan but it was a perfect way to kill some time after so much cleaning! I made a nice spot with the table and chairs and a TV on the entertainment center. The wall hanging is is still on and the only thing missing is the remote control. Now, when my friends come over, they can watch the HD TV and play my latest video game!

Another important thing I learned from watching those YouTube videos is to have a plan and keep to it. Most people who try to do something like this without a plan just give up or get distracted. I didn’t give up but the process became a little bit more complicated than what it originally was. So, instead of trying to make my living room minimalist I now spend my time focusing on my plans.

I’ve also found that YouTube and other sources of information can be quite helpful in your planning stages. For example, I found that there are plenty of different sources for decorating the internet. I can look at a picture of a beautiful home decorating set and then use that to create my own living space. I can find a lot of inspiration by simply looking at other people’s homes. The final result is that I have a beautiful modern minimalist home ideas minimalist apartment that is completely unique!