Hacks For Minimalist Apartment On Budget

Apartment living can be great fun and can be less expensive than some other types of living. However, the expenses associated with a frugal lifestyle can add up very quickly. Here are some simple apartment tricks to get you started on minimalism at least on the frugal side.

One thing that many people think they need in a minimalist apartment on a budget is to have as many pieces of furniture as possible. This is especially true if the apartment is small and some of the items will need extra storage space. In order to keep most of the money you have on hand for the major expense of the apartment itself, you should try to keep as much of the furniture as bare as possible. Here are some tips to save money on the major purchase of your new apartment, including the purchase of floor cushions and couch covers.

It’s important to choose between more than one type of coffee table, one style of end table, and one kind of sofa. You will want to match the colors and styles of everything else in your minimalist apartment, too. If you have two end tables and a couch, get a coffee table and a couple of side tables. Get a coffee table and one end table and a matching couch if you have an L-shaped sofa. Or use a futon couch as the coffee table and side tables on which to place the rest of your furnishings.

Frugality also means planning every day to allocate money to live like you would in luxury. Put aside some money each month to pay bills. Buy loose tea, sugarcane tea, and flavored coffees that you enjoy. Keep a stash of discount perfume or select luxurious items that you love to buy once a month or so. You can’t live without an ironing board, can you? Saving money on clothes usually means buying the less expensive varieties, and you should always have at least one nice dishcloth in your kitchen.

Other ways to save money include buying the right kinds of floor cushions and couch covers. If you have a comfortable chair, you can probably skip the upholstered pieces. If you have a futon couch with no cushions, you can cut costs by putting up a sheet and placing an apron over it to cover it when you’re not using it. If you have a coffee table, you might be able to find cushions to replace those that are damaged or stained. You can also save money by getting a coffee table with a storage drawer or shelf, as this will free up a lot of floor space and improve functionality.

The third way you can decorate a small apartment is to store everything in containers that are organized by size. This is particularly important if you are limited on space. You’ll want to find smaller containers that are labeled appropriately for containers with handles, small jars, and the like. Then stick those containers on shelves, hooks, and other places where they will fit well and look great. You may even consider taking things like your cell phone and keys with you whenever you travel.

If you have to have more than one item in a container, you can use other containers for other things like linens and dishes. Even if you are only staying in a minimalist apartment for a few days, you can still achieve minimalism by minimizing everyday usage of appliances, such as the toaster and refrigerator. You can buy more dishwasher detergents and more dishwashing soap than necessary, leaving a little bit on the table for spices and other ingredients. Instead of having a three-burner stovetop, you can use a microwave or oven for short bursts of cooking that you won’t need to keep open all day long.

These are just a few of the many ways you can go about decorating your small apartment in a minimalist style. While it can be done on a tight budget, it’s also not something that requires a lot of time and effort. It’s a great way to live in a space that you love but doesn’t have all of the trappings of home ownership. When you’re finished, you can be proud to say that you’ve managed to keep your living room clutter-free without sacrificing the quality of your life. In fact, it can even be a perfect place to kick back and relax, enjoying your minimalist apartment hacks without feeling guilty!