Minimalists Home Tours – What to Expect on Your First One

You’ve probably heard about a minimalist’s home tour. It involves visiting different homes and asking the homeowner the ways they could save money. People are very interested in saving money and looking for new ways to do it. The process of going on a tour allows people to see first hand how much they spend and what they could do to change it. The result is a mini-guide to frugal living that can help you make better choices.

One of the most interesting things that happens on these tours is that the homeowners open up and reveal all of the things they spend money on. Then, the tour participants are challenged to live a frugally affordable lifestyle for one week. If these people cannot live the minimalistic lifestyle on the week long vacation, then they have to pay back their money at the end of the program. It’s great fun for everyone involved, as well as the lucky ones who get to live the minimalist’s lifestyle for a month.

When I did one of these trips, I was determined to learn the ways to save money without having to sacrifice everything. I was tired of feeling like I was paying way too much for the things I purchased. That’s when I decided to really look into living frugally. I knew that I had to take some action, or my money was just going to go down the drain. So, I set out on my first ever shopping trip trying to find the smallest things that I could buy to reduce my total budget.

On our first trip, we chose to eat at local restaurants for two nights. We each planned on buying a couple of meals, but since we were going to save so much money by eating at local restaurants, we had a lot of options. There was even a place that offered a discount for people who brought a bottle of wine along with them as an open bar! Once we got there, we all decided to get a bottle of wine and split the cost of the food. By doing this, we made about forty dollars while eating only two meals!

Our second stop was going to be a Bed-and-Breakfast. Again, since we were going to live very frugally, there really wasn’t anything special that we wanted to purchase. However, since we would be staying at this bed-and-breakfast, we thought it would be nice to get some mementos to remember our stay. The maids did us a great favor by putting a bunch of China in a display case and displaying several pictures from our tour!

After that, we decided to try to save money at the grocery store. While I knew that I was being realistic by saying that I wouldn’t spend more than one dollar on a single item, I figured that I could at least get something out of the food aisle. By looking through the cereal aisle, I was able to find a few products that I didn’t normally buy, which I would put in my cart for later. It actually ended up costing me less than four dollars!

We ended up taking four days on our Minimalists Home Tour. On the first day, we visited the Pottery Barn. While it didn’t really capture the architecture and style that we were trying to portray, it was a fun place to spend the day. On our second day, we saw prisons being used for temporary housing, and this definitely shaped our view of the world in general. We also spent time visiting the artisans who made these items.

Overall, the trip was great, and although it was minimalist in nature, it gave us some perspectives that we hadn’t previously had. One of the benefits of the minimalists is that it makes traveling interesting because you are forced to be more aware of the small things around you. We definitely want to return to our travels, especially if we want to spend a few days at a minimalist hotel or other similar accommodation. I know that my husband will want to go on a few more Minimalists Home Tours once he finishes his prison sentence, but until then I think this would be a great way to spend a day.